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Pacific Ocean Los Angeles, California

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Pacific Ocean – Los Angeles, California

Pacific-Ocean-los-angelesKnown for its huge depth and size, the Pacific Ocean burgeons from the Arctic Ocean in north to Southern ocean. This Ocean is the home to huge coral reef, known as the Great Barrier Reef. It has over twenty five thousand islands in its kitty. Most of them are the outcome of volcanic activity; quite common in this region.

Huh! With all these massive information about the Pacific Ocean, isn’t it time to take a tour of this nature’s gift. If you are in Los Angeles a tour all along the Pacific coast highway is a must. For those who want to see the best of the Los Angeles California, just knock the highway 1. This beautiful travel all along the Pacific Ocean is something beyond explanation. There are various tour operators that let you explore the most beautiful attractions in and around Los Angeles.

The Tour to Pacific Ocean- Los Angeles, California

One can spend entire day relaxing or snorkeling on a pacific island. The tour arranges for several activities for the entire family. You can click some beautiful pictures of the ocean. Meet the whales as they migrate with their little ones. You may also surf over the big waves of the deep blue seas of the Pacific Ocean or the simplest of all go fishing.

You may also like to meet the local villagers and spend some time with them. You’ll soon fall in love with the local people and their laid back lifestyle. Most of the islands are inhabited people here are friendly and welcome with a warm smile.

Explore the underwater life with your kids. Meet the rare marine species and take pictures. For those not interested in all these may choose to read books from their favorite authors in the sandy beaches and relax. Surfing, touring isolated places through water taxis and watching whales are all part of the Pacific Ocean tour. You must however, check out the timings and book in advance.

Trip to Los Angeles is certainly incomplete without mention of Pacific Ocean. While many still believe that Los Angeles is the home of stars, which is absolutely true, it’s beyond a shadow of doubt also a paradise for Ocean lovers!

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Santa Monica State Beach

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Santa Monica State Beach- Los Angeles California

Santa Monica State BeachLife in Los Angeles is always an adventure and there is never any dull moment here. With so many things to do, Los Angeles is indeed a visitor’s paradise. Heard about Santa Monica beach ever? Situated slightly north of the famous Santa Monica Pier, this place has been attracting millions of visitors from all across the nation and worldwide.

From a lavish, beach face getaway- offering legendary pampering and services, to an adventure sports Santa Monica beach has it all here on a shoestring budget! It is certainly among the best of Los Angeles attractions.

Things to Do At The Snata Monia State Beach, LA

Spread your legs or go on a bike ride, set up a volleyball game or simply walk sideways………….there’s plenty of things to do here. Stretched 3.5 miles long, this beach goes on forever, seems to be never ending. You can do swimming, surfing, biking or else engage into beach side gymnastics. This beach is a haven for sports lovers. This pristine location in California has been witnessing the Hollywood’s elite and the prestigious royalty for almost a century. For many this is the single biggest reason to visit this beach, for they can even get a chance to meet their favorite stars here! This beach is full of activities throughout the year. With 300 days of sunshine and 24 hours of lifeguard assistance, the beach is never vacant.

A Great Asset

Santa Monica Beach is a nature’s gift. The authorities have been taking great care of this pristine site for years. The round-the–clock services ensure that visitors are taken care of to the utmost. The city cleanses and rakes up the sand daily. That makes the beach spotless and attractive. This prime piece of Los Angeles coastline is a great asset and thus needs a special mention. The beach warmly welcomes each guest and vacationer with a bright sunshine. The luxurious 24×7 services installed in the beach side ensure that visitors go back with lifelong memories.

Laid back lifestyle and outdoor adventure is what is guaranteed at this part of Los Angeles California. Little cash, sunscreen and a beach towel is all you need, the rest is taken care of by the Sun, Sand and the Surf………….

Address: 380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: 1 (310) 305-9503

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Best way to see Los Angeles without driving

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Santa Monica Pierthe Best way to see Los Angeles without driving is to park your car home, in a parking lot or park by the Santa Monica or Venice beach parking. You will see Bikini babes, surfer boys, oddballs and miles of beautiful blue ocean. The Venice beach boardwalk and the family filled crowd at Santa Monica pier is what you see in famous Hollywood movies. You get to experience that yourself in the beautiful hot sunny days in Los Angeles.

There are other advantages of not driving in Los Angeles. Cities traffic can be very tiring and you will find yourself frustrated. If you’re coming from outside LA, city laws, some customs and some neighborhoods can be a little confusing if you’re not used to them.

Ref Source : http://www.lacalifornia.org/best-way-to-see-los-angeles-in-a-day/


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Best way to see Los Angeles in a day

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Sunset BoulevardYou can drive down Sunset Boulevard from start to finish. This 22 miles long boulevard takes you from the heart of Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. On the way you can see a lot of Los Angeles. From Downtown Los Angeles, it heads northwest, to Hollywood, through which it travels due west for several miles before it bends southwest towards the ocean. It passes through or near Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Holmby Hills. In Bel-Air, Sunset Boulevard runs along the northern boundary of UCLA’s Westwood campus. The boulevard continues through Brent wood to Pacific Palisades where it terminates at the Pacific Coast Highway intersection. This is the things to do in Los Angeles, even if you are there for a week.


Ref Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunset_Boulevard

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